Our Story

“Own what you eat” is our faith and our ultimate goal.

Zrou provides you with innovative meat substitutes to enrich your culinary experience – both in your kitchen and at your favorite eateries. Our tasty, healthy, and sustainable protein alternatives provide clients with new cuisine solutions and concepts.

A happy stomach leads to a happy mind. A healthy lifestyle gives you more freedom to focus on developing a stronger spirit to think about and give back to our world in return.

We do our job so that you don’t need to sacrifice enjoyment to eat according to your values and beliefs.

Our mission is to create a better future of food by showing to consumers how innovative plant-based super foods can be desirable and engaging, and engaging with youth to lead and support this movement.

Our vision is to become a global food brand from Shanghai that China and rest of the world can be proud of.
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Our Products



Perfect for Fillings
While making fillings, meatballs, Lion’s Head (Shi Zi Tou) or patties, ingredients like starch, smashed potatoes and chickpea water work well as binding agents



Perfect for Stir-frying
Pre-cook Zrou by stir-frying with medium heat, will help maintain the granular and chewy sensation

Our Ingredients


• High quality protein
• Has all the amino acids essential to human body
• Helps to reduce heart-related diseases
• Lowers bad cholesterol


• Rich in soluble dietary fiber
• Helps to slow down the absorption of cholesterol and sugar
• Improves digestion


Coconut Oil
• Improves heart health
• Good for skin and hair care
• Boosts immunity


Shiitake Mushroom
• Prevents obesity
• Boosts immune system
• Boosts energy and brain function
• Helps to build muscle

Nutrition Info


per 100g serving

10.1 g
3.32 g
166 kcal
8.3 g
0 mg
Trans fat
0 g
1.31 mg
44.3 mg
Folic acid
40.6 μg

Our Services


Powerful Marketing Campaigns

We help restauranteurs create powerful marketing campaigns to drive traffic

Plan various themed activities based on market trends

Multi-channel exposure: WeChat / Weibo / Douyin / Red / Dianping

Coverage on different social roles ranging from KOLs to KOCs

Innovative Service

Provide training for chefs and staff on how to prepare and recommend plant-based meat, so they can create, serve, and promote dishes using the product

Tailor-made menus or dishes using the product for every restaurant, creating in-demand “Hero Dish” with matching marketing campaign

School-friendly approach to get student buy-in

Product Upgrade

Collect product feedback from restaurants and customers proactively

Engage with youth communities for their input

Follow up on product improvement with R&D team

Cuisine Innovation & Design

Celebrity chefs available to provide guidance or advice on menu and dish creation

Everyday netizens also contribute to grassroots movements

Creative ideas inspired by seasonal ingredients, trends, and sector crossover

About the Team


Picture of Franklin Yao
Franklin Yao
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Franklin Yao is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of YouKuai Group International, leading its vision, strategic decisions and partnerships. Franklin Yao started YouKuai in September 2019 after a journey into meditation and Buddhism inspired him to be more conscious of his eating habits and dedicate his career to areas where business can do more good.

At YouKuai, he leads a dynamic team of scientists, chefs, and branding leaders to create tasty food with a “More Good” vision through healthy, sustainable processes, technologies and creative presentations. The ultimate mission of YouKuai is to represent China on the global food stage, with brands and products built from China and enjoyed by global consumers.

Franklin is a serial entrepreneur, having built and exited several businesses successfully. Before founding YouKuai, he was the founder and managing director of YEXT China. YEXT is an NYSE-listed company allowing businesses of all sizes to collect location data across platforms. At YEXT, he built integrations with Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Dianping, Weibo and Douyin and acquired 30 multinational clients in China including adidas, Starbucks, and Marriot Group. He was also founder of SmithStreetSolutions which advised global multinationals, including Pepsi, Ferrero, Starwood Hotels, Luxottica, and Gucci, on their China strategy.

Franklin is the Deputy Chairman of the Shanghai Yangpu District High Tech Committee and was awarded by the Shanghai government in 2010 as an “Outstanding Entrepreneur.” He was a well-quoted speaker on brand building and business strategies, with appearances in the Wall Street Journal, the Economist, Reuters, China Daily and forums at prestigious institutions and conferences, including Yale, HBS and Wharton.

Franklin was born in Toronto, grew up in Hong Kong and worked in New York for years before moving to Shanghai. He received his bachelor’s degree in Economics and East Asian Studies from Yale University.

Liqin Lu is a co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of YouKuai Group International, a company aimed to make it easier for the world's consumers to make the "More Good" (plant-based) choice for a worthy world, by creating tasty food with a “More Good” version in all food categories currently using animal protein, and by creating charismatic brands to appeal to more consumers.  A deep and strategic thinker with strong execution capabilities, Liqin leads the fundraising, investor communications efforts as well as finance, admin, legal & compliance functions at YouKuai.

Liqin is a serial entrepreneur with senior management experience at start-ups across food/agriculture and education/lifestyle sectors. Before co-founding YouKuai, Liqin led a project in producing and distributing antibiotics-free green pork via ethical farming practices. She is motivated and keen to find solutions addressing sustainability and climate change issues.

Before start-up life, Liqin had spent a decade in investment banking, having worked at UBS, Citi, Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse in various capacities with growing leadership roles. She was involved in the origination, structuring, and execution of numerous capital markets transactions, including convertible bond issuance, IPO, equity follow-on, USD-bond issuance, share-backed financing, and direct PE co-investment.

Liqin Lu graduated from Middlebury College (US) with a major in Philosophy and minors in Economics and Chemistry.
Picture of Liqin Lu
Liqin Lu
Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer
Picture of celebrity chef, David Laris
David Laris
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer
David Laris is a co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of YouKuai Group International. A global celebrity chef with over twenty years of culinary art experiences, he is connecting YouKuai with a vast network of talents to redefine how healthy food could be crafted, presented and enjoyed. Working with a team of scientists, chefs, operations, sales and branding experts, he is making the Zrou brand charismatic and encouraging customers to choose tasty plant-based products with a “More Good” vision.

He is a major leader of YouKuai’s Table Number Zrou initiative, where chefs present YouKuai’s plant-based meat brand Zrou in visually compelling and tastebud-exciting ways.

David arrived in Shanghai, China in 2003 and founded Laris Restaurant & New Heights, Three on the Bund, which immediately became a landmark in the city’s contemporary fine-dining landscape, and rated as #1 in China and #8 in Asia by the Miele Guide, winning four Restaurant of the Year awards of That’s Shanghai.

David has also been a strategic food & beverage advisor for luxury hospitality brands and prestigious events, including the Swire Group, Diageo, Martini, Mattel and the Australian & Dutch Pavilion of the World Expo 2010.

David is an influencer in China’s chef and F&B industry, with over one million Weibo followers. He has also appeared in international networks including the BBC, Bloomberg, iTV, etc., to introduce the China’s dynamism to the world.

Cynthia Zhang is a co-founder and Senior Vice President, Market Expansion of YouKuai Group International, spearheading the Company’s market development efforts across China and strategic partnerships.

Cynthia has 13 years of experience in operational management. Before joining Youkuai Group International, she was formerly the Operation Director at YEXT China, an NYSE-listed technology company. She helped build partnerships with leading platforms like Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Dianping, Sogou, and 360. She was also responsible for creating the operation team infrastructure and process, which served over 40 leading multinational brand clients across retail, food, and hospitality sectors in China.

Prior, Cynthia was Head of Marketing and Operations at SmithStreetSolutions, a boutique China strategy consulting firm. Her 10-year tenure at the company has resulted in solid track records and an in-depth understanding of the holistic “in China for China” approach and professionalism.

Cynthia holds a Master of Arts from Shanghai International Studies University.
Picture of Cynthia Zhang
Cynthia Zhang
Co-Founder and Senior Vice President, Market Expansion
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