Zrou is not 
a meat imitation nor 
a meat replacement
it's a reinterpretation
of protein

Fulfill your nostalgic craving, sustainably.
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About YouKuai

Founded in 2019, YouKuai Group International (“YouKuai”) aims to create a holistic plant-based food and beverage ecosystem in China and to reshape the global plant-based cuisine landscape, starting with Chinese consumers both locally and regionally. The Company’s purpose is to create a world worth inheriting for future generations through protein diversification, and its mission is to empower the world’s consumers to make the “More Good” (plant-based) choice for a worthy world, by creating tasty food with a “More Good” version in all food categories currently using animal protein, and by creating charismatic brands to appeal to more consumers on an intergenerational basis. YouKuai is partnering with scientists and chefs to develop tasty, healthy and sustainable products with creative presentations. With more brands to come, YouKuai’s current portfolio includes plant-based protein brand Zrou with multiple product lines, and sustainable lifestyle content-media brand OwnWhatYouEat. YouKuai takes pride in building an active, influencing and loyal community of enthusiasts and early adopters that would accelerate the adoption of plant-based eating into mainstream consumption. YouKuai Group is a proud advocate of SDGs 3 (Good Health and Well-Being), 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), and 15 (Life on Land). In July 2021, YouKuai was recognized by the UN Food Systems Summit as one of 50 Best Small Businesses providing “Good Food for All”.

About Zrou

Zrou is YouKuai’s first brand and product, which takes the form of plant-based ground pork, was launched in 2019 and has become a well-recognized plant-based protein brand in China. Zrou sources all of its ingredients in China, including non-GMO soybeans, konjac, coconut oil, and shiitake mushrooms, and is manufactured in China. Zrou offers an alternative to people who want to eat less meat, but still want to enjoy the dishes that they have grown up with and crave. Zrou prides itself as a homegrown brand and is well-positioned to tackle two major challenges of popularizing alternative protein in China: taste and market education.

Nutritious & Safe

Balanced Nutrition •
Product Transparency •
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Inclusive & Inspiring

• Eat consciously
• Share abundantly
• Recipes for anyone (including youth!)



Made with purpose •
Alignment with UN SDGs •


Focus on Quality

  • Strong health and well-being emphasis
  • ISO-certified manufacturing in China
  • International positioning for global consumers
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